Experimental, Drama
A young woman who is overwhelmed by societal pressures breaks free of a simulated existence and opens herself to the full breadth of life.
4:19 minutes 
Growing up during the digital era has its perks, but it also has its challenges. Like many others, I have experienced the overwhelming pressure to meet societal expectations. I have felt compelled to conform to ideals that aren't true to myself and have felt insecure for not fitting the mold that society has laid out for me. I personally feel that we've become swept up by a highly sensationalized digital era. Our sense of purpose and belonging has become clouded in a complex hypersphere fostered by media and tainted by materialism. With this film, I wanted to share my experience as a young adult overcoming the contemporary world's obstacles. The film tackles a theme that just about everybody can relate to: finding one's self. The purpose of this film is to prompt others to look beyond culturally cultivated experiences and reflect on their preconceptions of life. I hope to simulated existence and open themselves to the full breadth of untethered reality.

Calum Hotchkiss

CONTINUUM Trailer (2021)

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